October 13, 2020

Hi and welcome to your blog where I'll introduce you to investing and trading in the financial market.

It was in the summer of 2019 that I decided to learn from the professionals. 

My name is Joakim Wasted, and I was an Uneducated Investor trying to Make Money by Buying Shares. I really wanted to Make More Money Than the Bank's Interest Rate so I wouldn't have to Let the Opportunities in The Financial Market Go, and Let Time Pass and Not Being Able to Help My Grandmother While She Is Alive. 

I ultimately want to be able to Support My Family and Buy A New Home for My Grandmother because of her health condition. She is leaving in the 3rd for of an apartment without elevator, and her health is getting worse. 

The thing is I was Losing Money on Many of My Investments, and I also saw my dad lost on several investments. That meant I wasn’t able to Support My Family, and I was actually moving backwards from the goal of buying Buy A New Home for My Grandmother. 

To make things worse, I felt terrible because I Didn’t Want to Lose Money Again. I felt even worse about the situation because My Hard-earned and Saved Money Disappeared. I felt like Terrible and Bound to Be Working Forever, Not Able to Offer A Better Situation to My Grandmother. 

The problem was that My Dad and I Made an Investment In 2018 Where We Lost 90%. Which meant Seeing Yet Another Investment Fail, which Killed More Hard Saved Money, Moving Even Further Away from The Goal of Helping My Family. 

That's when I Was Invited to Attend an Event in London The Summer Of 2019. It was all about Applying Investing and Trading Strategies to Take Control of My Financial Future. 

It was now crystal clear to me how to Take Control of My Investments, because I saw I Could Invest by Following Rules and Make Money More Consistently.  

I also learned that Investing And Trading Doesn't Require Advanced Tools Or Inside Information To Be A Success, you need to Find Someone Who Has A Successful Track Record, And Learn What They Do, Instead Of Assuming Investing and trading is for professionals only, that it Is Hard Or to do it on your own and thus gamble With Your Money because you have no strategy. 

I thought, this is easy! I can go home and start doing it 

I was super excited about the topic, and I still am.  

As a result of attending the event, I Started Studying Trading and Investing, Spending Time Daily, Asking About Everything I Was Unsure Of. 

I realized there is only one way to be good at something. You have to learn from the best  

We were a group of four friends that decided to STUDY together and hold each other accountable.  

We agreed to do our daily routines, and we started to meet once a week 

I took a leading position in the group because I was emerging myself into the stuff.  

After Studying Trading for A Long Time, I Got Reminded I Shouldn’t Forget About Investing. I went live straight away, and I Made 10 Percent on My First Live Investment, within 4 Weeks of Going Live. 

After I did that, I started To Actually Make Profits by Investing More. 

That’s when I realized that the secret to Make Money by Buying Shares was To Follow A Set of Proven Rules, having a strategy that is proven.  

My plan was to start Sharing the Knowledge with Others. 

So, I started with Calling My Dad and Offered to Place Orders for Him. But we didn’t stop there. 

After that, we Did More Successful Investments Ourselves. 

But there was still a problem... It Took Much Time Doing the Analysis, Calculations and Managing the Trades. 

I Made Typing Mistakes and Lost Money on Some Trades and Investments 

I Had the Wrong Parameters So I Didn’t Place the Orders I Intended to Place 

We ended up getting so frustrated that we decided to Working on How I Could Spend as Little Time as Possible on The Analysis and Managing My Trades and Investments. I Developed A Tool to Get Rid of Typing Mistakes and misconfigurations. The system I created also allows me to Push the Benchmark of Placing A Trade or Investment to As Little As 1 Minute.  

I created a software for the investing process to make it super-efficient, to get rid of certain, basic mistakes 

On top of that I did something more. Alongside with a good friend of mine that I met the event in London, and now he is also my business partner, we created system for the entire process of investing 

We thought if we could create something that would make it possible for everyone to acquire the skills to make profitable investments, we’d be really happy. 

After Spending 800 Hours of Development, Testing and Adjustments, we created the SECRET system, which you can learn in our “8 week from 0 to hero in investing challenge”. 

WE can now take you step by step through the process of acquiring the necessary skills to make profitable investments 

We then started to let other people use learn the system 

As a result of all this we were able to achieve the following: 

I Never Misconfigured an Order Again After Using Theis System, never done Typing Mistakes Leading to Losses. I Can invest spending A minimum Amount of Time Without Having All the Experience my mentors have. I have also been able to teach other people how to do become successful investors as well 

Now, we have several people using our system to tap into the opportunities of the market, without spending more than 30 minutes a week. 

After creating the SECRET System, I was not only able to Make Profitable Investments Without Spending All Day at The Computer, I’ve also been able to stop Typing Mistakes and Spending an Hour Planning One Investment Because It Will Be Adjusted to The Actual Market Situation, because we can now Click and Invest, In as Little as One Minute per investment.  

I Also Saw That It Became Even Easier to Apply the Knowledge of Successful Investing. Anyone Can Do This! The SECRET system has enabled me to Help More People with Successful Investing and Trading.  

And in the end, all of this means I’m now able to Enjoy Other Things I Value More Than Investing and Trading. 

I enjoy trading and investing, and I love my family and joyful experiences more than my computer. 

I have to admit that a word precise wording would have been “it is not complicated, but it is not easy as well” It requires a good mindset, the ability to follow the rules. 


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