Successful people have . . .

October 25, 2020

Successful people have mentors! 

Warren Buffet as well, a man known for successful investing.  

He holds positions in big companies such as Apple, positions valued to more than 75 million USD, Coca Cola, valued at more than 18 million USD, just to mention a few 

How can you be successful? 

It takes time to be worth as much as Warren Buffet.  

It takes time to compound your money, so this is no get rich quick scheme 

To be successful with investing and trading, actually with anything, requires commitment. 

And a Holistic approach to investing and trading is required. 

That is mindset to control emotions, habits, commitment, mentorship, strategy and risk management. 

Benjamin Graham was the mentor of Warren Buffet. he said  

"The individual investor should act consistently as an investor and not as a speculator" 

Mr Graham talked about, among other things, that you could stick to solid companies. Hold for long term 

There are better ways to make yourself a living.  

But what if we could improve on this? 

If I invited you to spend 30 minutes a week to create an income to not rely solely on your business or job, would you like to know how to do that? 

The point is we invest for profits with a time horizon of over a maximum of couple of years. With trading we come down to maximum weeks. 

Regardless, you have to let the price come to you. 

Don’t chase the price. We get in at the level we want the price to come down to.

We use tools to help us with this. One is orders, such as limit and stop loss order. 

A tool, electronic tool, it is a feature we use to put in pre-determined price levels. When the price hits the level, we specific, we get in, or we get out. This planning can actually take as little as one minute. 

And we have to make sure profitable investments never become unprofitable. For that, we use something we call stop loss orders. We determine the price level in advance, and configure these orders. 

Combine the technical analysis, that is figuring out when to enter, with the fundamental analysis, what to invest in. Use a holistic approach with a proven strategy , plan this in advance and you an are in! 

Would you like to outperform the market to create yourself an extra income stream so you don’t have to solely rely on your business or job? 

Maybe we can help you.

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