November 20, 2020

Abundance of money 

Opportunity is just a transfer of wealth from those who are unprepared, to those who are prepared 

That is why good habits around managing money is important. 

Are you setting aside a fixed amount or a fixed percentage of your income every month? 

Do you have a plan for these savings? 

The truth is that you cannot save yourself to financial freedom. 

That is because your savings will not cover your living costs, nor will your pension fund. 

The other thing is that inflation will eat up your savings. 

Over the course of 35 years, the value of your savings will be halved. Is that bad or bad? 

But it doesn’t have to be like that. 

If you become financial savvy, get yourself smart habits and learn a simple yet powerful strategy, you can have what you want. 

You can free up time to be with friends and family 

You can retire early. 

It starts with “me”. I am talking about myself, and you must to, I mean, you must talk about yourself. 

“80% is psychology”, “20% is strategy”.  

You must know you reasons why and your desired outcomes. That is because 

A lack of clarity could put the brakes on any journey to success - Steve Maraboli 

Your psychology will determine if you find the strategy, and if you are going to use it 

Psychology is the limiting factor for most people.  

The frame is that you need to get out of crisis or a victim situation. You can grow. You can learn anything… if you know why you should. If you know what outcome you want. 

We might not always be in control, but we can be in charge and make decisions based on what happens.  

Another key factor to success in investing is that you need to know your numbers. 

For example, with inflation. If you don’t know that the interest in the bank is 0.5 %, and the inflation is 2%... how would you care about taking action to ensure your money works for you instead of you working for money? 

Your entire psychology is controlled by what you focus on! 

What are you going to focus on? 

Our brain is trained to have us service. What can fail? What can screw up? How can I flee? What are people thinking about me? 

If you don’t consciously take control of your focus, your survival brain will control it! 

Successful people do not survive. They thrive. What are you focusing on? 

Focus equal feeling. Take control of your focus, and you can experience and feel what makes you feel great. 

Change pattern of your focus 

  1.  What you have, or what you don’t have? 
  2.  What you can control, or can’t control? 
    Control is an illusion 
    You don’t control your friends. You have influence 
    You don’t control your clients. You have influence 
  3.  The past, present or the future 
    We all think about all of them, but which one do you think of the most? 
    Something bad in the past will  

Driving into the future looking in the rear mirror will make you crash. 

The future is anticipation 

The past is reaction.  
Anticipation is power. 
Losers react, leaders anticipate. 

What does it mean? Emotions come from what meaning you give things. You choose where you give focus 

What are you going to do? Doing nothing is also an action 

How are you going to react? What feeling do you choose to express? 

This is usually habits. You will have much more power if you can be aware of this 

What have all of this to do with investing and trading in the financial market? 


How can you get into a growth mindset, if you have had a fixed mindset your entire life? 

  •  Acknowledge that there is someone that is better than you, funnier than you, more experienced that you. You can learn from them 
  •  Attitude towards failure. It is experience, either you earn, or you learn. 

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