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Katching Secrets offers the safest space for every woman in the world to be empowered financially in the simplest and most efficient way
We empower professional women between age of 25-45 navigate through the often perceived complicated world of investing. We typically look for women who are willing to manage their investments within an hour a week. We empower them with the skillset and confidence to invest so they can enjoy more freedom and their desired lifestyle. Whether you are an experienced investor or never have invested before, we would love you to apply so that we can see how we might be able to help you achieve your goals.
After that you can manage your investments with about 1 hour effort per week.
You always retain full control over your invested money.
By developing and providing various online accessories, we make investing even easier to understand and implement.
Our strategies focus on simplicity, constant growth with little time investment and manageable risk.
The community at Katching Secrets is a safe haven where women feel comfortable and can ask their questions without being judged.
Why women?
Because women are actually better money managers.
Female hedge fund managers outperform their male counterparts by 50% in their results.
And yet the proportion of men is still 80%, or money management in the private sector is largely carried out by men.
We change that and strengthen women’s strengths or bring the best of both worlds. . 
Our vision for them is to create a full-time income from their investments. This will mean that they have absolute clarity regarding their personal finances and economic outlook. 
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